Off-Road Recovery Services

Glamis Recovery Inc. is an off-road vehicle recovery service for the Glamis Sand Dunes. Our team of trained operators recover stuck and broken-down vehicles from the dunes. Our vehicles are equipped to tow any size vehicle. Ride the dunes knowing you can count on us to get you out.

Truck with Tracks

Get Your Vehicle Covered

Make an account to get started. Coverage is purchaseable starting early October 2021.

Call For Help

For vehicles without coverage, call the number below to request a rescue. Our operators are standing by 24/7 to assist you.

Phone: (760) 970-4099

The Glamis Recovery Guarantee

If your vehicle gets stuck or breaks down anywhere in Glamis, you can count on Glamis Recovery to recover it.

Equipment to recover any sized vehicle.

Our trucks have the power and traction to recover any sized vehicle in the dunes. The tracks on our trucks let us climb any dune we want under load. There's no place in Glamis we can't rescue you from.

Decades of towing experience.

Our operators have decades of experience in the towing industry. We know how to safely recover vehicles to reduce further damage. We don't just drag your vehicle through the sand; our trucks lift your vehicle and roll it out. We've got all kinds of tricks up our sleeves.

Quickest response times.

Our trucks can go upwards of 30mph in the dunes and we're stationed in Glamis. We get to you quickly so you can salvage your vacation. We've got a fleet of trucks to service you, so truck downtime and high demand don't keep us from serving you right away. Use our app, and we can find you with GPS ;)

Recovering vehicle lost wheel

Don't lose hope! It doesn't matter how many wheels you've lost, we can recover your vehicle.

Prepaid Vehicle Coverage

Book ahead. Worry less. Save money.

We're revolutionizing vehicle recoveries in Glamis. Purchase recovery coverage through our app and when you need a rescue, we give you the Glamis Recovery Guarantee without taking the shirt off your back. In fact, you don't pay a dime more than what you already paid for coverage.

  • Low cost coverage: $24 for 24 hours per vehicle.
  • Flexible coverage selection for your vacations
  • GPS location sharing with the app
  • We do the heavy lifting, you get the peace of mind

Vehicle Recovery Coverage will be purchaseable starting October 15th, 2021. We're just as excited as you are!

Recoveries at night

For all you Midnight Riders, we're on call 24/7.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the Glamis Recreational community with the reliable and affordable off-road vehicle recovery service that it deserves.

There's a lot to worry about in the dunes, but being stranded shouldn't one of them.

We're bringing together the power of technology, a rock-solid work ethic, and a devotion to the community to provide Glamis with this new opportunity.

Rescuing vehicles

Web App Under Construction

We're building this web app to better serve our community. It's where our customers will:

  • Add vehicles to their account
  • Purchase coverage for their vehicles
  • Request recoveries by easily sending their GPS location

Pardon our dust while we try to get it ready for the 2021-2022 Glamis Season. Follow us on Facebook: Glamis Recovery to hear about our latest progress.

Contact Us

Facebook: Glamis Recovery


Phone: (760) 970-4099

We'd love to hear from you about anything:

  • Ask us about our services.
  • Tell us about the time you got stranded in the dunes.
  • Give us feeback on our web app and/or services. We welcome the criticsm.